From our family to yours.

We are Swinnie Supply Co., your one-stop haven for all things building supplies. While our inventory has grown greatly from our humble beginnings in 1952, beginning  with just one SKU, we have always stood by our original mission to forever stand as a testament to simplicity, unity, and excellence in our community. When it comes to whatever you need for your next project, ‘Ask Us, We Have It.’

From humble beginnings.

In the heart of the Great Depression, in the 1930s, the Swinnie  family started and owned a local grocery store. However, Bob always had bigger dreams - a vision for a store that would meet the needs of the local builder community.

After graduating from Georgia Tech with an engineering degree, he served in World War II as a pilot, never losing his passion for engineering. Upon returning home, Bob set out to work for Alcoa Aluminum, where he worked for many years before finally breaking ground on his true dream - opening his very own hardware and building material supply store.

A new business opportunity.

In those days, there were hardware stores, dry goods stores, and lumber sawmill type operations, but Bob had a vision for something different. He wanted to create a one-stop shop where people could find everything they needed for their homes and businesses. Thus, Swinnie Supply Co. was born.

Bob had a modest start, operating out of one building and selling one product - cement. However, it wasn’t long until Bob had expanded into multiple buildings, multiplied his inventory, and built the foundation for the store we know and love today.

Keeping it in the family.

Building one sku at time, one sale at time, compounded on daily effort, and always keeping the customer first. Slowly, Swinnie Supply Co. began thriving, and Bob needed some helping hands - luckily, Bob's children stepped up to the plate. When Bob passed away in 1998, his son Frank lived and breathed Swinnie Supply. Today, three of his grandchildren (Bobby, Fran, and Alston) work in the store everyday, and have for 20 + years. Great-grand children show up after school and in the summers. Not to mention life long employees, who the Swinnie's would be happy to call family. What started as a dream, has evolved into a business model - where the customer remains at the fore front. Customers keep the stories alive, and are rewarded with unmeasured service and effort. We welcome new customers to our family.

Customer-centric mentality.

Today, Swinnie Supply Co. is a thriving family business in the heart of Andrews, SC. While we have consistently improved our store and added new products to our shelves, one thing has never changed: our commitment to our customers.

Helping our customers bring their projects to life is the heart and soul of our business. Our tagline, “Ask us, we have it,” exists for a reason. We are committed to helping our community every day, one project at a time.

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