Foundation, Structural, 
Lumber, & Truss

Explore our selection of foundation, structural, lumber, and truss products for your next project. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us! 

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LVL, I Joist, Glulam

Lvl, I-Joist, and Glulams offer versatility to dimensional lumber when strength and stability are essential. Engineering available upon request.

Roof & Floor Truss

Roof and floor trusses are essential structural components in a home. They provide strength and stability, supporting your roof and floors, ensuring a safe and durable living environment.

Diamond Piers

Diamond Piers are structurally rated footings for decks, gazebo, screen, rooms and more. Install in Minutes using handheld tools. Frame immediately.

Block, Brick, & Rebar

Blocks and rebar are fundamental components in home construction. Concrete blocks create walls and foundations, while rebar reinforcement adds strength to the structure, ensuring longevity and structural integrity.

Lumber & Plywood

We have you covered for all things lumber.
From 2×4 to 2x12, 8ft -20ft. Locally sourced yellow pine, treated yellow pine, KDAT,
European premium spruce, and studs. Plywoods-OSB, CD, AC, Sanded Cabinet Birch, Oak, Maple, and more.

Insulation & House Wrap

Insulation is vital for energy efficiency and comfort in your home. House wrap acts as a moisture barrier, enhancing insulation’s effectiveness and protecting your home during construction.

Smart Vents

Smart vents are innovative additions to your home’s HVAC system. They automatically adjust airflow to optimize heating and cooling, ensuring consistent comfort and energy efficiency while offering convenient control through mobile devices.

Bagged Cement & Mortar

Bagged cement and mortar are essential construction materials for your home projects. Cement is the binding agent, while mortar is used for laying bricks and blocks, ensuring structural integrity in various applications.

Loose Sand & Gravel

Loose sand and gravel are some of the most versatile materials for your home projects. They are ideal for landscaping, driveways, and construction, providing stability, drainage, and aesthetic appeal in various applications.

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