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Wood doors bring timeless beauty and warmth to your home. They come in a variety of styles and finishes, offering both elegance and durability for your entryways and interior spaces.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) doors are a cost-effective and versatile choice for your home. They offer a smooth, paintable surface and come in various designs to suit different interior aesthetics.


Molded doors are a practical and affordable option for your home. They are made of molded panels, providing a clean and classic look suitable for various interior applications.




Pocket doors are a space-saving solution for your home. They slide into a wall cavity, saving floor space and providing a sleek, unobtrusive way to divide rooms or close off spaces.


Bifold doors are a stylish and functional addition to your home. They consist of multiple hinged panels that fold together, providing wide open spaces and an indoor-outdoor connection.

Stair Parts & Railings


Dutch doors offer a unique and versatile feature for your home. They can be split horizontally, allowing the top and bottom halves to open independently, providing security and air circulation simultaneously.

Barn doors add rustic charm and space-saving functionality to your home. These sliding doors feature a distinctive design, making them an attractive and practical choice for interior partitions or closet doors.

Railings and stairs are essential components in your home. They ensure safety and access between levels while also contributing to the overall design and aesthetics of your interior or exterior spaces.

Floorcoverings offer timeless elegance and durability. They bring warmth to your home, with various options, finishes, and patterns, making them a versatile choice for any interior style.


Countertops are crucial in your home, providing both functionality and aesthetics in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas. Materials like thinscape, pre-fabricated, granite, quartz, and marble offer durability, style, and versatility.


Pattern Stock

Millwork in your home includes custom-made architectural elements like doors, window casings, and moldings. These fine details enhance the overall design, adding character and elegance to your living spaces.

Shiplap, tight fit, and nickel gap, originally used to waterproof ships and now used to accents walls, islands, and fireplaces comes in wood, pre-finished wood, or primed. V-groove, beaded, rough rut, pine, cedar, and cypress add multiple textures to your rooms bringing them to life.

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